TSG is a full-service document solutions company based in Los Angeles, California.

We combine genuine conversation with cutting-edge technology to ensure we are delivering your vision every step of the way. We are committed to our clients first-listening to your needs and goals for each project. We go above and beyond to be a partner you can trust.

Every solution we develop. Every system we build. Every relationship we nurture begins with our proven TekTrak™ Analysis.

When we started TSG, we looked at our industry and everyone was doing business the same old way. So, we did the opposite.

David Akin and Patricia Roulston – TSG Partners

TekTrak™ is a proprietary and proven way of doing business. It is a deep dive in a companies, operations, and total cost of ownership.

Complex issues surrounding multiple locations, printers, print security, and service is simplified while increasing productivity and reducing operating expenses.

Case Studies

TSG delivers nationwide service, customer support and oversees more than 75 dealer relationships and 500+ technicians nationwide.