• Entertainment Partners (EP) is a global leader in payroll, workforce management, and other integrated production solutions for the entertainment industry. With 15 offices in US, UK, and Japan, and 1,187 employees Entertainment Partners is striving to reinvent how the industry works and interacts to make production simpler.

    • The Brief

      TSG started working with EP on a service program for their existing MFPs. This grew into a nationwide MPS program for all of their MFPs and printers. EPs IT department was spending too much time managing the current vendors. Complicated billing and poor service only added to the time and frustration spent managing the fleet. Throughout the USA, EP had 56 multifunction copiers and 123 printers. Each facility was locally serviced and supported by IT.

    • The Research and Analysis

      We began by installing a data collector (FMA) and monitoring all the devices on a WAN. Floor plans, with assets for each facility, were created and all MFP and printer assets were plotted with monthly usage. Individual unit performance, reliability, remaining life and service issues were evaluated along with workflow, supply inventory processes, and required IT support. The program started in LA and expanded nationwide with TSG traveling to New York, Toronto, Vancouver, Atlanta and New Orleans.

    • The Collaboration

      TSG began by analyzing EP’s printer fleet, creating equipment floor plans, asset logs, and building a business case to meet their objectives. After 12 months’ of analysis, the data was summarized and the results shared in a digestible format. After several meetings, and careful review, a disposition schedule was created that included associated cost/benefits, equipment relocations, and removal of redundant assets. Valuable MFPs were identified to be leveraged and unproductive units replaced.

    • The Solution

      The final solution was an all-encompassing managed print service program that included payroll printers, office printers, MFP’s, scanners, software, and a data collector. Unreliable devices were upgraded, redundant assets were removed, and a printer pool created. MFP’s were embedded with a card reader and secure print features. Bi-monthly service was scheduled, and automated supply fulfillment enhanced the solution. A cost containment and asset management program were implemented.

    • The Results

      TSG’s MPS program reduced document management operating expenses 25%. IT supervision was no longer necessary allowing them to focus on critical projects. Nationally all equipment, service and supplies are billed on a single monthly invoice. EP was able to downsize their equipment fleet by 35%. Complicated invoices were simplified by reducing billing meter groups 85%.

    • Accountability

      Quarterly performance reviews are completed to ensure fleet performance and long-term strategic planning.

  • " TSG earned our local MFP business. They met all our objectives and more, from service and support to pricing and customized programs. We have since expanded to a national program and TSG won out against major office suppliers. "

    Joe Cruz, Senior Manager - Support Services

    Entertainment Partners